Davenport will be nothing short of a zoo this weekend, with both the Bix 7 road race and RAGBRAI wrapping up downtown.on Saturday.

These events are going to cause plenty of road closures in Davenport starting TONIGHT.


- The Battle Up Brady will close Brady Street from 4th to 8th tonight from 6-9 p.m.

- Various street downtown are already closed for the Bix Street Fest.  2nd Street is closed from Pershing to Ripley, areas of 2nd, 3rd and 4th Streets will be closed from River Drive to Ripley as well.  All of these should reopen by noon on Sunday.

- The Quick Bix will close 4th Street from LeClaire to Brady as well as Perry from 6 a.m.-noon Saturday.

- The Bix itself will close many roads Saturday morning...Brady Street from 3rd Street to Kirkwood Blvd.; all of Kirkwood Blvd.; a portion of Jersey Ridge Road and Middle Road; all of McClellan Blvd.  Those will all be closed from 6 a.m.-noon Saturday.


- The following will be closed for most of the day Saturday.  Utah Avenue from Locust Street to River Drive; Telegraph Road from Utah Avenue to Wisconsin Avenue; River Driver from Utah Street to Marquette Street; Credit Island Lane from River Drive south (where the Dip Site is); Marquette Street from River Drive to Beiderbecke Drive.