If this drug ends up being effective for humans, it could save so many lives.

That's the hope of Dr. Timothy Fan, a professor with the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine. According to WCIA, Dr. Fan has been using a compound called PAC-1 to treat cancerous tumors in animals as part of a clinical trial. So far, the drug has had a high success rate.

Fan says in the story that PAC-1 actually gets inside the brain, making it more effective against tumors.

Early stages of a trial on humans have started on patients with late-stage brain cancer. The safety of the drug has yet to be determined, but the fact that animals have been able to recover after taking PAC-1 is hopeful.

How wonderful that we have such big breakthroughs in medical science happening right here in the Midwest. Fingers crossed this drug and others can be used to treat, and possibly even cure, cancer.

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