It's deer mating season it's likely you'll see a deer everywhere, but we hope they don't run in front of your car.  Here are a few things to remember while driving on Quad City area roads.

In 2018, there were over 15,000 deer-related accidents in Illinois alone and during mating season, you will see more deer near roadways than any other time of the year.

From Illinois Transportation Secretary, Omer Osmen, comes the best tip to remember if you encounter a deer on the road.

“Don’t veer for deer.”

Instinct makes us want to swerve to avoid hitting the deer, but Osman says that could make you lose control and increase a crash’s severity.

Here are a few more useful tips.

  • Deer travel in groups. If you see one deer in the road, there could be more right behind them.
  • When driving in the dark be mindful of looking for 'eye shine'; deer eyes reflecting headlights.


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