Brantley Gilbert is celebrating one year of wedded bliss on Tuesday (June 28), and wife Amber sure knows how to pick out the perfect anniversary gift.

Late Monday night, Gilbert posted a photo of his "bada--" anniversary present from Amber.

"Now this is a bada-- anniversary present. My awesome wife gave me a Polaris ATV....," he writes alongside a photo of the two sitting atop of the ATV. No word on the gift Gilbert will be giving Amber, but he might want to step up his game.

Gilbert and his wife got married at the singer's home in Georgia last summer.

“The ceremony was awesome,” Gilbert previously said. “I’ll let you in on a little secret: I cried like a baby. She’s got a piece of my heart that nobody’s ever touched before.”

The former flames reunited after going their separate ways and have known each other over 10 years now.

“You’ll hear her in most of my songs,” he shared on the Bobby Bones Radio Show in October 2014 when he announced their engagement. “She was the one who got away for about five years … I can honestly say I’ve never been happier."

The couple have been talking about kids too, but Amber will likely be the disciplinarian, based on how Gilbert treats his dog.

“Well, the way I treat Sylo ... I love my dog, right, and he can’t do a whole lot wrong,” the singer says. “If he does, he does somethin’ and he’s a pitbull but he’s cute as hell, I don’t know how that works. He’s just awesome. She says I let him get away with anything, I’m just gonna be worse with kids."

Gilbert is currently in between albums and has been playing shows this summer.

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