We here at US 104.9 with What BBQ want to say thank you to all those hard-working men and women right here in the Quad Cities with our 'Hardest Working American In The Quad Cities' spotlight.

Know someone who truly works hard in the QC? You can learn how to nominate below.

Each month we will pick a person to visit on the job and thank them for their hard work. We pick these QC residents based on your nomination. We all know someone who gives it their all.  It can be a family member, partner, friend, or just someone you know who deserves to be recognized. You can nominate them below.

To put a spotlight on these amazing Americans, What BBQ and US104.9 will be selecting a member in the QC to win a $50 gift card to What BBQ, a swag bag from US104.9, along with $100 in prizes! We know you, and so many others' work is important and deserves this recognition, but once again, we need you to nominate these incredible people!

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How To Nominate:

  • Who you are nominating
  • Where they work
  • Why you nominated them
  • A few of their favorite things (we will use this for their $100 prize!)

It's time to truly recognize the backbone of the Quad Cities and say thank you to all the amazing men and women out there. Help us here at US104.9 and What BBQ find the best in the QC with our 'Hardest Working American In The Quad Cities' spotlight.

Nominate Here.

Thank you for all that you do from US104.9 and What BBQ.

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