Three '90s country music legends joined forces, creating the trio the Frontmen. Taking their years in the music scene and the talent to match and adding it together, Larry Stewart, Richie McDonald and Tim Rushlow have released their first-ever EP, Familiar Faces.

The Frontmen consist of Larry Stewart from Restless Heart; Richie McDonald, formerly of Lonestar; and former Little Texas singer Tim Rushlow. Their new six-track project includes not only new songs, but re-ignited staples from each singer's previous band.

Their music is nostalgic, but new.

The first of the trio's new songs, “It Was Always You,” is an upbeat, reminiscent song. It tells the story of love and the imprint it has on life, regardless of time passed. The memories will always be there, regardless of whether you are with that same love or if it’s a love lost.

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“Left Their Mark” holds the perspective of the impact a person leaves behind on the ones they love after they die. Carried by the piano, the story isn’t sad, but rather a unique way to look at death. It also challenges the living to live a meaningful and present life.

“We write songs about what we’ve lived, and I think mainly our songs are a lot about life, love and the lack of it.” Rushlow told Taste of Country ahead of the 2023 ACM Awards.

Collectively, the trio have 30 No.1 hits under their belt. They know their craft and how to write lasting lyrics that transcend multiple generations.

The Frontmen have been touring over the past two years, and during that time they experimented with playing songs from their former bands. Trial and error turned fruitful, as their fans were here for their new vocal blend on classic songs.

“Amazed” was originally released by McDonald’s Lonestar, and the trio’s new version pays homage to the song’s steel guitar and notes of nostalgia, but with a slight up-tempo beat.

“God Blessed Texas” originally hit the airwaves in 1993 as the second single from Little Texas' album Big Time. Most Texans know this song regardless of generation, and the Frontmen still deliver this hit while preserving what makes it a classic.

McDonald sings lead on "Amazed" and "Left Their Mark," while Rushlow takes the lead on "God Blessed Texas" and "It Was Always You." Stewart sings lead on "I Need You" and "I'll Still Be Loving You" (The Frontmen Edition).

The Frontmen's Familiar Faces EP is currently available via a wide array of digital music providers. For more information, visit their official website.

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The Frontmen, Familiar Faces Track List:
1. "I Need You"
2. "I'll Still Be Loving You" (The Frontmen Edition)
3. "It Was Always You"
4. "God Blesses Texas" (The Frontmen Edition)
5. "Left Their Mark"
6. "Amazed" (The Frontmen Edition)

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