These donuts aren't your average glazed or sprinkled donuts, these are the legendary Voodoo Donuts and they are finally opening up a location here in the Land of Lincoln!

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According to Yahoo, the city of Chicago is the next spot for the wild and popular Voodoo Donuts to open a new location! Yahoo says...

"Voodoo Doughnut announced Wednesday it will be opening its 21st store in the Fulton Market neighborhood. The new gourmet donut shop will be located at 945 W. Randolph St. Voodoo Doughnut sells over 50 flavor options, including fan favorites such as the Bacon Maple Bar, Memphis Mafia and The Cannolo. There also offer 25 vegan alternatives.The company has not announced an official opening date but promised more details in the coming months."

Voodoo Donuts started in Portland, Oregon, and has slowly made its way across the US with locations in Colorado, Orlando, Los Angeles, Austin, Houston, Dallas, and more. What is on the menu at Voodoo Donuts that makes them so unique? Some of the Voodoo Donuts include the Dirt Donut, the Oh Captain My Captain (topped with Captain Crunch), the School Daze PB&J, and of course, the original Voodoo Donut which is a donut that looks like a Voodoo Doll, to learn more about Voodoo Donuts click here! 

It can be really hard to visualize how amazing these donuts are so I went to YouTube and found this video to give you all an idea of the kinds of donuts they make at Voodoo Donuts, needless to say, the next time you plan a trip to Chicago you'll need to stop at Voodoo Donuts...

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