It's food truck season and apparently the Illinois Secretary of State is really taking that to heart.

Starting this month, "food truck" mobile DMV's will be popping up in Illinois.

According to a release from Illinois Secretary of State Alexi Giannoulias, the program is called 'DMV on Wheels'. It is intended to help lessen wait times at the brick-and-mortar DMV locations and also to make DMV services more accessible to people who don't live near an office. At the mobile DMV (which the office compared to a food truck), residents will be able to:

  • Renew their driver’s license, state ID or Temporary Visitor Driver’s License
  • Renew vehicle registration
  • Buy a vehicle sticker
  • Apply for a REAL ID
  • Apply for a replacement or corrected driver’s license or state ID
  • Join the Illinois Organ and Tissue Donor Registry
  • Register to vote
Illinois Secretary of State
Illinois Secretary of State

The mobile DMV unit is electric and has it's own self-contained internet service. It was introduced this week and will be launching this month in Chicago. Three more units will make appearances all throughout Illinois later in the summer. Exact dates and locations on those haven't been released yet.

You can get a full list of what the mobile DMV's will do and what documents you need to bring with you for whatever you need to do at this link.

The 'food truck' units are also kind of backup. The Illinois Secretary of State's office adds that the mobile DMV's can be dispatched to a location if a traditional DMV building were to close.

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