If you thought you were very original in naming your kid any of these names in Iowa, you actually weren't.

I think we can all agree that parents get way too carried away with naming their babies now. It seems like a lot of them are just trying too hard to be different, and end up actually giving their kid something very common, like a name ending in -eigh, -ee, or full of extra x's or y's.

One of my nieces got her yearbook over the weekend and her mom sent me the worst name offenders in it. Those included: Paileigh, Keighan, Blesslyn, Maximum, Maecee, Anndee, and Abbygail.


What Iowa Parents Are Naming Kids

Deciding what to name a kid is very important since it will stick with them for the rest of their life. It looks like a lot of Iowa parents are naming their kids legit names that wouldn't sound weird for a grown adult to be called. According to Baby Names, these are the top 20 boy and girl names in Iowa for 2023:



20. Brooks

19. Mason

18. Leo

17. Benjamin

16. Asher

15. Hudson

14. James

13. Jackson

12. Elijah

11. Wyatt

10. Lincoln

9. Maverick

8. Owen

7. Jack

6. Noah

5. William

4. Theodore

3. Henry

2. Liam

1. Oliver



20. Cora

19. Willow

18. Mila

17. Avery

16. Ella

15. Elizabeth

14. Stella

13. Isabella

12. Nora

11. Mia

10. Eleanor

9. Hazel

8. Sophia

7. Harper

6. Ava

5. Amelia

4. Emma

3. Evelyn

2. Charlotte

1. Olivia

Oliver & Olivia top the list of most popular names. That doesn't mean that you need to come up with 5 alternative spellings of either one if that's what you want to name your kid. These stats come from the United States Social Security Office of the Actuary.

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