Healing the world one lambchop at a time.

US Army Veteran, Jason Wilson, started his Meat Therapy platform to help heal US Veterans struggling with PTSD. The company based in Texas focuses on “healing in the form of barbecue.”


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BBQ Saves Lives

Wilson said, “Barbeque has always been a big part of my life... When I was transitioned out of the Army back in 2009, it was not an easy transition for me at all,” he said, adding that he “struggled with a lot of different things.”

Wilson found that serving others helped him reconnect with people, so he decided to continue doing that by serving barbecued food.

How It Started

Wilson started Meat Therapy 3 years ago on Instagram, sharing his passion for cooking and prepping food to show others.

One of the delicious ways he prepares bratwurst is by braising the meat in onions, house-made seasoning, and Shiner Bock Beer — and going “low and slow on the smokers, at 225 degrees for about two hours.”

He uses Masterbuilt grills for all of his meat preparation.

Interview With Jason

We talked with Jason last year about Meat Therapy, here is the conversation.

Boot Campaign is one of the beneficiaries.

The website explains, “Boot Campaign began when average Americans chose to outwardly express their gratitude for active duty service members, veterans, and their families by lacing up one of the most visible signs of military service: combat boots.”

“Our decade-long efforts have only been made possible by patriots from coast to coast who heard our mission, believed in it, and took the next step to help us spread it amongst their friends, families, and colleagues.”

To learn more about Meat Therapy, watch the video at the top of this article, or follow Meat Therapy on Instagram.

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