You learn something new every day, I guess.

The truth is, I'm not super familiar with Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, so this was a surprising find while scrolling through the Atlas Obscura website.

That's where I found a story about Ebenezer Floppen Slopper's Wonderful Abandoned Water Slides.

Before it became a waterpark, Ebenezer Floppen Slopper's was a landfill.

In 1980, that landfill became a waterpark and remained open for nearly a decade.

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Since then, the site has been closed. The ruins of Ebenezer Floppen Slopper's Wonderful Water Slides are a favorite of urban exploration enthusiasts.

Let me remind you:

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. Doing so risks bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

The family that initially owned the landfill and then the waterpark still owns the property today, and it seems they are hard-core about keeping people out.

Atlas Obscura says, "Riordan Road was the access point, but recent Google Street View photos show a brand new chain link cyclone fence blocking the entrance."

People on the Urban Exploration Reddit have also discussed Ebenezer Floppen Slopper, saying, "Apparently there are cameras everywhere" and "I'd rather not put my face on those cameras."

That's a pretty smart move, too, considering it's trespassing.

Many YouTube videos are already devoted to Ebenezer Floppen Slopper's Wonderful Water Slides, like the one above, which three guys filmed a few years ago.

Located near the intersection of Illinois Route 38 and Route 83, it never ceases to amaze how aggressively nature takes its property back.

There's also a kind of wild drone video looking above the abandoned waterpark.

Watch closely because you can see the outline of the water slides in the snow.

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