A violent Venezuelan gang by the name of Tren de Aragua is infiltrating the United States.  At least 5 states have seen crimes tied to the gang.

One of those states is Illinois and while it shouldn't surprise anybody that the epicenter of these crimes for the gang is in Chicago, the worry is the gang growing and spreading to other parts of the state.

Tren de Aragua


The gang is suspected in everything from the killing of a former police officer in South Florida.  Attacks against police officers in New York.  The arrest of drug dealers in Chicago.

The transnational gang started in a Venezuela prison.  While the gang has been active in South America for years it is now spreading through America with Republican members of Congress asking the Biden Administration to designate the Tren de Aragua as a Transnational Criminal Organization.  The criminal organization is suspected to have more than 5,000 members in Venezuela.

How Are Tren de Aragua Infiltrating America?

Panoramic View Of The Borderlands: Southwestern U.S. And Mexico
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According to an interview with CNN,

“They have followed the migration paths across South America to other countries and have set up criminal groups throughout South America as they follow those paths, and that they appear to follow the migration north to the United States,” Britton Boyd, an FBI special agent in El Paso, Texas, told CNN said.

Border Patrol in Texas has identified 58 gang members over the last year trying to enter America.

Officials say tattoos associated with Tren de Aragua consist of five-pointed crowns, five-pointed stars, and teardrops.

You can find out more about the gang linked to sex trafficking, and shootings, and how border agents are struggling to identify them as other nations won't provide criminal background info here.

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