Bent River Brewing Company makes some delicious beer.  Clearly, they are higher-level thinkers.

Well, listen to this.  You've heard of a 5k, a 10k or even those crazy 26 mile "marathons"...and you've opted out of each of them.

Enter the 0.5k Beer & Donut Run at Schweibert Park, Rock Island.

"This is for those who enjoy their Saturday's with a little more laid back style! The race is perfect, just head out around the park 'course' and back; just try not to spill your beer, it's bad for the grass & finish that donut and donut hole! There will not be an official timekeeper for the race because of the millennial's - and some might have their self-esteem bruised if they didn't win. This way you all can call your mom and let her know, 'I am the WINNER!' After you 'race' enjoy live music and relax on your lawn chair or blanket!".

For $30 includes an event t-shirt, race number, a race medal, event silicon race cup, a pint of racing beer and a donut!  A portion of the proceeds benefit Youth Recreation in Rock Island.

Plus, there's live music. It's like I've been training my whole life for this.


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