Was Spring break too short? Did you not get a chance to go on vacation? Maybe the snow is bringing you down... we've got 10 spots to raise your spirits and make the start of Spring and Summer 2023 great for the entire family.

These spots are all within about a two-hour drive of the Quad Cities.

The first spot is the Vibrant Arnea At The Mark Located in Moline Illinois, they have some huge shows coming up. From Kenny Chesney, Morgan Wallen AND Chris Stapleton, you can win tickets to all these shows with US 104.9. 

More Activities Near And In The QC

The Quad Cities is a cool spot with multiple casinos in the area.

Rhythm City Casino Resort

This one is for the adults obviously, but it's quick and fun. A perfect trip for you and that special someone. Rhythm City Casino Resort is a casino and resort located in Davenport, Iowa. It's basically right down the road! This makes for a great weekend getaway.

Wild Rose Casino & Hotel 

Another one for the adults, but a great getaway for all of those who work, and deserve some time off. Learn more here, and go win some money in Clinton.

Isle Casino Hotel

Just going to throw in this casino as well, that way you know you have options. You can learn more here.

The Fun Station

The Fun Station has been growing in the QC, and even has multiple new adventures for us locals.

Grizzly Jack's Grand Bear Resort

Just under an hour and a half from Davenport, this waterpark is also a quick drive from the QCA. When you look up great waterparks near the Quad Cities, this one almost always shows up. According to best waterparks.org, this is one of the best spots to bring the family. In fact, it's also in our top three of the best (See Below)

Field Of Dreams

Everyone has been talking about it, why not go see it? The field of dreams is located In Dyersville Iowa. Only an hour and a half away from the QCA.

Grand Harbor Resort and Waterpark

Just over an hour away from Davenport, this spot should be less than an hour and a half for almost anywhere in the Quad Cities. Located at 350 Bell Street, Dubuque, IA 52001. This spot is a 25,000-square-foot indoor waterpark that offers a great time for kids, and families alike. It's also one of the best Water Parks near the QCA! (See Below)

Galena Illinois

This one is for the history buffs wanting to make a pretty quick drive over to a well-known spot. You can eat great food, walk with goats, AND check out the home of Ulysses S. Grant! (Union general, and president of the USA)

Over Two Hours Away

Here are some other spots that are a bit further away, but still great.


Opening weekend is closer than you think. Located in Altoona Iowa, Adventureland is much more than just a day trip, with a theme park, and waterpark it's the perfect place to spend two days, and right next to the park in their Adventureland hotel. There is also a casino nearby as well.



I'm sure you saw this one coming. Not too bad of a drive, and the fireworks are sure to be amazing! You can learn more here. These are a few well-priced spots you can stay at as well.

Embassy Suites Chicago Downtown

Homewood Suites by Hilton Chicago Downtown South Loop

Hyatt Place Chicago Midway Airport


Wisconsin Dells

Let's get the obvious one out of the way first! We all know about the Dells, but this spot is perfect for a week-long trip, or just a quick weekend stop. It has countless different indoor activities, and many of the parks offer great deals for families. Here are a few:

Mt. Olympus

Kalahari Resorts

Chula Vista

Wilderness Resort

Lake Geneva Wisconsin

This spot is just over three hours away, but it's considered one of the most beautiful spots in America. It's the closest spot to the QCA that is on the list of most beautiful locations in America. You can see that list and information here. 

Have a great spring, and an even better summer Quad Cities!

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