There's something fun about the rumor of a famous person in our area. The local social media blows up and people freak out hoping to bump into the famous person who is temporally in our Area.

I for one lost my mind when I was 14 and ran into the "Big Show" as he came through Iowa. I took a photo with him only for my mom to lose it later that year. (Big Show if you see this I need another photo.)

The Quad Cities is special since it has the culture of two different states, and that means even more celebrities have a connection to our city.  Iowa and Illinois have a large volume of celebrities stop by, but what about the Quad Cities?

There are a lot of famous people from the QCA, and many different celebrities from around the world have popped in for a visit, so who knows who we are going to see next, but I would be happy with any one of the people from this list!

11 Celebrities You're Most Likely To Encounter In The QC

Every city has connections to famous people, but the QC has a pretty high volume of famous visitors. Let's take a look at some famous faces you may catch here in the Quad Cities from time to time.

Plenty of other celebs have visited the Quad Cities, and some have visited a few different times, and who knows maybe our list will get even bigger over the next few years. Here are more famous people who lived in and around the Quad Cities Area.

Who is your favorite QC Celebrity, have you met one in person before? Let us know and share your picture with us on the App!

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