As the weather gets nicer you and your friends may be looking for something new and exciting to do here in Iowa. Look no further.. these spots are sure to give you just that.

While many haunted locations in the great state of Iowa are abandoned, or not open to the public, these spots welcome brave travelers.

Popular Haunted Iowa Attractions

Limb Of Unknown Child:

Located in Davenport Iowa this cemetery has a special section where children from the Iowa Solders’ Orphans’ Home are buried. Inside the Iowa Solders' Orphans section is a headstone found at the end of a long row in Oakdale Memorial Gardens. The headstone reads "limb of unknown child."

When the cemetery is open the public is welcome to visit.


Villisca Ax Murder House:

The story with this one is as tragic as it is scary...

The Josiah B. and Sara Moore House is a house in Villisca, Iowa, United States. The house was the site of the 1912 brutal murder of eight people, including six children. A documentary has been made about the murder, which remains unsolved.

Now many travel around the country to see it. It has been featured a few times in different shows and movies. A tour and overnight stays are allowed at this home.

13 Steps:

The rumor is that if you go there at the right time, you may count 13 steps. Other times there are only 12.  A witch was also laid to rest here. The headstone is that of Thankful Blackburn. It states,

Remember friends as you pass by
What you are now so once was I
What I am now so you must be
Prepare in life to follow me.

Again when the cemetery is open to the public you are allowed in.

13 Stairs in Cemetery

Edinburgh Manor:

This haunted location has years of legends, and different spirits haunting its halls. This building is known for some very spooky rooms and a basement with a fun, but sometimes aggressive spirit.

This location also has tours and overnight stays.

The Manor

Have fun and stay safe this year Iowa.

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