It's human nature to share with other things we know and learned. From ghost stories, laws, fun facts, and many other things, some of the things we share however may not have as much truth behind them as we think.

We all grew up believing different types of rumors that we later found out to be false, did you believe any of these "facts"?

5. You Have To Pay A Toll To Get Into The Illinois Side

I-74 Bridge Construction
I-74 Bridge Construction/EarthCam/Facebook photo

I have been asked about this by fellow Iowans who aren't from the Quad Cities. Many people think that tolls separate all the QC Iowa cities and the QC Illinois cities.

4. Baby Boy Fear Ghost Story

Baby boy fear

located in Oakdale Cemetery, many QC residents know the legend of baby boy fear. The rumor is about how this grave came to be, with very wild theories behind it. People also say on Halloween, you can hear kids screaming.

3. The Quad Cities Is Flat

Four happy friends enjoy a hike in a forest, California, USA

This rumor comes from the idea that the Midwest is flat and boring. While there is some truth to that, there are still some great hiking spots with some actual cliffs, and hills all over the Quad Cities Area!

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2. The City of Bridges

I-74 bridge
I-74 Traffic cams photo

This one mostly hits Davenport, but people confuse many QC locations as places in Dubuque. Mostly because of the bridges. apparently, if your city starts with a D and has some bridges you're called Dubuque or vice versa.

1. The Five Cities

Our final part is one I didn't know when I first moved here. Many people who don't live here don't know that we have 5 cities in the Quad Cities. Davenport, Bettendorf, Rock Island, Moline, East Moline. I learned this very quickly but had no idea that the QUAD cities had five.

In the end, while a lot of things said about the Quad Cities hold some truth, some are just old stories or misconceptions without much truth behind them. No matter what, I'll always be happy to live in the Quad Cities!

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