After spending six years in west Texas it's been a bit of an adjustment moving to the Quad Cities! My wife Kathy and I really like it, and while there are some Midwestern mannerisms we've experienced before in other towns, here are five things I've learned about the Quad Cities from being the new guy:

  1. There are lots of one way streets. I was surprised by the number of one way streets I've run into driving around the Quad Cities. The obvious one for me is Brady Street / Harrison / Welcome Way in Davenport. That said in my travels through Moline and Rock Island I've run into a few as well. These aren't just side streets going one way. These are major thoroughfares. Thank goodness for Google Maps. It's helped me learn them and navigate them.
  2. The Quad Cities has it's own pizza style. Being the fact I never met a pizza I didn't like. I should have known this. I mean, I know there's New York Pizza, Chicago Style Pizza, Detroit Style Pizza, St. Louis Pizza, New Haven Pizza. I should have known about Quad Cities Pizza.
  3. Whitey's Ice Cream is more addictive than Culver's. This is definitely arguable depending on your tastes. Everyone told me I had to try Whitey's. Not being a big ice cream or custard guy I waited a while to try it. Culver's hot fudge sundae is very good, I know that from previous experience. Whitey's hot fudge sundae is addictive.
  4. People know how to drive in snow (and rain.) You may be rolling your eyes going really? Yes. In Texas when it would snow a half an inch it was a big deal. Everyone would lose their minds and they'd also lose the ability to drive their car safely. Lots of  sliding into each other and guys in pick up trucks driving inappropriately fast  for conditions.
  5. I finally learned how to pronounce Geneseo. In the early 80's my family and I stopped at the now closed Deck Hotel and Restaurant to avoid some storms while traveling back from Omaha. Maybe it was the playing cards my Mom got with the drawing of the hotel on the back ... but she associates Geneseo with the Quad Cities ... and for nearly 30 years ... we were both pronouncing it incorrectly. I was set straight by a co-worker and passed that information on to her. I can't guarantee she'll pronounce the town name correctly, but I will.

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