Technically, it's not officially summer yet. BUT, the B100 Days of Summer have started and temperatures are supposed to get up to nearly 90 degrees this weekend. I think it's safe to dub this the first real weekend of Summer.

With such a nice forecast, you don't want to be stuck inside doing nothing! Fortunately, there's a lot going on around the Quad Cities. And I mean a lot. To save you some time and digging, here are five of the most exciting things going on!

  • 1

    Gumbo Ya Ya

    Want to travel this summer, but don't have the funds? That's not a problem. This weekend, you can visit New Orleans – in Rock Island!

    Gumbo Ya Ya will offer food, Mardi Gras beads and masks, a psychic, street performers and more. Check out full details here.

  • 2

    Chalk Art Fest

    With this event, you can get out and about and check out local artists. Keep a close eye out, because one of our new  B100 team members will be out there creating!

    It's happening both Saturday and Sunday, and it's free! More details here.

  • 3

    Movies in the park

    Taking the whole family to the theater can get expensive, especially after snack purchases. It's much easier to go to a free movie, and Bettendorf has just that!

    It's a weekly event, and this weekend the movie being offered is Christopher Robin. Here's the full line-up of movies for the season.

  • 4

    Komen Race for the Cure

    This one's a win-win-win. You get out of your house and enjoy the weather, you can support some incredible people, and help a massive cause!

    Even if you aren't running/walking in the race, you can still cheer people on! A little morale boost can go a long way.

    Full details here.

  • 5

    River Bandits Games Galore!

    With all the flooding we've had this year, it's been next to impossible to catch a River Bandits game at home. But with sunny skies in the forecast, our boys are back and there's multiple chances to see them! (Four chances, to be specific).

    Here's the schedule!

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