Sunday, May 9 is Mother's Day. If you want to do something to celebrate Mom, here are a few ideas.

You know, you don't have to spend much money on Mom to make her feel special on Mother's Day. Some moms are happy to just spend time with the family, some might just need a little alone time. Or if you're really creative, you can do both. Here are some ways to celebrate Mom and not go broke doing it.

1. Go for a River Cruise on the Celebration Belle Book mom a cruise on Saturday, May 8 for either a lunch, narrated sight seeing or a dinner cruise along the Mississippi River. If weather is good, you can go up top and enjoy the sunshine. If it's cold outside, stay inside the Celebration Belle and enjoy the sights. Here's where to book

2. Go for a picnic You could have a picnic in the many Quad City area parks, dog parks or hiking trails. Tell mom you'll do the cooking on Mother's Day, even if you pick up sandwiches from Hungry Hobo. Trust me, a meal she doesn't have to deal with is a nice treat. Throw in some chocolate from the Shameless Chocoholic or Lagomarcino's and that's icing on the cake.                                                                                                                             

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3. Take Mom shopping Shop local in LeClaire. You can spend the day there or just a couple of hours. Take her for a drink at Wide River Winery or Green Tree Brewery. She'll love lunch or dinner at La Herradura, Faithful Pilot or Happy Joe's.

4. Send the kids off with Dad or out of the house Sometimes moms just need a break. Dads, family or friends, take the kids for even an hour or two. Just a little quiet time can do great things for mom.

5. Get Mom a Drink Did you know you can get mom a bottle of her favorite cocktail pre-made at the Mississippi River Distilling Company? It's also in LeClaire if you're there for shopping or lunch. Grab her a bottle because let's face it.....we've all given our moms reason to drink, haven't we?

There are plenty of trails and walkways in the Quad Cities to just take a walk A drive up highway 84 in Illinois is very scenic too. The whole family can enjoy a walk or a ride in the car. Grab some popcorn from Popcorn Charlies in Davenport before you go.

Hopefully Mother Nature will be nice to us and give us a beautiful day to get out an enjoy. Remember, it's all about spending time with or celebrating mom. Enjoy every moment and every memory. Mom will too.

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