We all love our furry best friends, sadly not all animals are meant to be our friend, or at least that's what Quad Cities officials tell us... Just kidding these animals are probably best kept in zoos and in the wild. Still I can't help but think what it would be like to have one of these animals for myself.

Funny story my family actually did have one of these animals as a pet. Number 3 in fact. the picture in this post was of our best little buddy "Fuzz Fast." When we found out we were breaking the law after saving him, we gave him over to professionals.

I got my list after taking a look at Find Law. I also looked into each law and code for Iowa and Illinois.

8 Illegal Pets In The QC

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While you may be able to find some crazy way to own one of these animals, it may be best to get a dog, or cat. That seems like way less work, but if some how you legally own one of the animals share a picture with us on the B100 app or social media!

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