2020 didn't bring a lot of good memories for us, but it did bring about a new way to drink hot cocoa.

Gone are the days of buying packets of dry hot cocoa mix. Cocoa bombs are the way to go now and watching these sweet treats dissolve in hot milk is weirdly satisfying too. If you didn't go all-in for the cocoa bombs last year, you need to get on board this winter.

Cocoa bombs look like giant pieces of candy shaped like spheres. The inside of the bomb can contain different flavors or just more chocolate. Place these spheres in a mug, pour hot milk over them, and watch the bombs explode into the best hot cocoa you've ever had.

I never actually was able to try one of these, but I bought several dozen and sent them to my family across the midwest. I spotted my first cocoa bomb of 2021 in Hy-Vee. You'll find them in the refrigerated section near fruit. Here are seven other places you can find cocoa bombs in the Quad Cities. 

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  • Engineered to Confection is a Quad City area home bakery. Bakers are busier than ever so order soon. This bakery has bombs in 12 different flavors.
  • Sips in Eldridge has cocoa bombs in a variety of flavors.
  • Corrinne Ray sells cocoa bombs at the vendor fair at the Buffalo Community Center on December 4th with 13 different flavors. She also does made-to-order.
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Jenna Kent/Facebook


  • Nicole Gasser lives in Bettendorf and makes bombs for Valentine's Day too. Take a look at these heart-shaped bombs.
    • Michelle's Sweet Treats in Durant, Iowa. Michelle has been busy making Halloween bombs, Thanksgiving pies, and cookie kits, but she has bombs for sale now too.

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