It's never good news when a Quad City area business closes, but when it's one of your favorite restaurants it's even harder.

Indigo Grill, 4925 Utica Ridge Road, Davenport has been one of my favorite restaurants for the past 15 years. I fell in love with their hashbrown casserole and Mexican hot chocolate for brunch, and their burgers and appetizers have been equally good.

The menu at Indigo Grill is so good, it's been tough to get a table at the restaurant in the past few years. When a restaurant has such good food, everyone wants to eat there. Sadly, a good menu and loyal customers weren't enough to keep the business from closing. 

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In a Facebook post, the owners of Indigo Grill have announced the restaurant is closing. The restaurant's last day is Saturday, February 19, 2022.

The past couple of years have been very trying for everyone especially for the restaurant/hospitality industry, but we survived it with long hours and determination to keep going.

The owners are encouraging everyone with gift cards to come in and enjoy another meal or two before they close. The restaurant will not be moving to another location.

Our lease has ended and we have decided NOT to renew it (No we are not moving to a different location) trust me it was a very difficult decision to make but the time is right for us.

You can imagine, the restaurant's loyal followers were pretty sad to hear the news.

Sad day!! Loved, love going there for breakfast, every Easter with our family, and catering for our church many, many times !! You will be greatly missed. Love the little hideaway, with amazing coffee, and all your breakfast was the best in town!!

Best wishes for your new adventures. My children grew up with Cafe Indigo— Saturday breakfast !!! All my girlfriends also know, it’s my favorite!!!

You can read the owner's full post here along with customer comments.

The restaurant will be closed January 21-31 for a prior engagement. I'll be heading there one more time to use my gift card and think of all the good meals I've had at Indigo Grill over the years.

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