Let's be honest, we've all probably at least slowed down while driving past (or speeding past) a cop before. Sometimes though in a panic people basically slam on their brakes. At first, you may think maybe they saw something on the road. or there was an animal, deer are always running around, but no, it's not that at all. They saw a cop hiding somewhere very nearby.

Does slamming on your breaks save you from getting in trouble with the boys in blue?

Police Officer Writing Ticket

The answer is obviously no.

Again I totally understand slowing down, but slamming on your brakes is a bit much. As the old saying goes, cops see you before you see them. If you were speeding odds are they already clocked you. Has slamming on your brakes or even slowing down ever actually worked if you're going well over the speed limit? In my experience... No.


The Most Annoying Thing

So this is the main point that made me write this. Many people have a tendency to slow down or brake when they see a cop even if they are going the speed limit. I use to do this when I was younger and didn't realize how annoying, or dangerous it was.

The other day while driving in the Quad Cities, the traffic was flowing normally and then a car realized it was passing an undercover cop and slammed on it's brakes messing up the flow, but they were going the speed limit and doing nothing wrong. They just got worried and overcorrected. It's a small complaint, and I don't blame them for getting spooked, but this is just a reminder to keep in mind that in almost all cases it's not worth slamming on your brakes when you notice a cop.

So be safe, be smart and if you don't want to get pulled over don't speed at an abnormal speed.

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