Halloween is just around the corner, and it seems like more and more states, cities, and towns are cracking down on age limits for trick or treating, which to me seems dumb. If a teen would rather dress up with their younger siblings, or with friends to get some candy is it really a bad thing?

Some say yes, but I lean towards no. What do you think? let us know on our app.

A house with Halloween pumpkins and halloween decorations at Halloween night on a city street. Trick or treat.

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Very strict trick-or-treat laws in other states.



Iowa Trick Or Treat Rules

Good news! Iowa doesn't really have a cut-off age. The most we could find was one uihc.org,

Kids age 12 and older who are mature enough to be out after dark without parental supervision should trick or treat in groups and stick to familiar neighborhood areas. Trick or treat only at homes with turned-on porch lights, and never enter a home for a treat.

There is no real age limit to trick or treat in Iowa

In fact, it even suggested that if you're older you should do it with friends!

Personally, I believe cut-off ages are dumb. I'd rather give a Kit-Kat to a young teen than have them go out and egg a house, or drive under the influence. Kids want to look cool, so if we make them feel lame for getting candy... they will go do other things that are much less family-friendly. LET THE TEENS GET THEIR TREATS!

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