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We are in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic and no one really knows what is going to happen when it comes to Halloween or trick-or-treating on either side of the Quad Cities. What we do know is that haunted attractions in Illinois will be open for the 2020 season

We are exactly 15 days away from October which means a lot of people will be heading to different haunted houses and attractions. Fortunately for us, Haunted Illinois has created an entire directory of all the open haunted attractions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

When looking at the Quad Cities, on the Illinois side there 3 haunted attractions within the immediate Quad City area. There 7 other haunted attractions within 2 hours of the Quad Cities.

The three Illinois haunted attractions that are in the QCA are Shock House in Rock Island, Factory of Fear in Moline, and QC Haunted Forest in Port Byron.

See the full list of haunted attractions within 2 hours of the Quad Cities below. For a full list of haunted attraction in Illinois, visit Haunted Illinois' Facebook page and/or their full directory.

Click each link below for each haunted attractions ticket pricing, COVID-19 mitigation plan, and more details.

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