Amazon is coming to Iowa City and it's bringing jobs. The online giant is opening a small distribution facility at the old Proctor & Gamble distribution center at 2500 Heinz Road according to a CBS2/Fox28 News story.

Apparently the company wants to rely less on using U.S. Postal Services, Fed Ex and UPS and instead provide their own delivery services.

Some local business like, Iowa City's vintage clothing store Revival, and Makers Loft at the Ped Mall are worried this will take away from the importance of shopping local.

“It does worry me that people might get lost within shopping local," says social media marketing director for Revival, Megan Lowe.

Iowa City economic development coordinator, says the move will provide many opportunities for the community including more jobs.

Local store owners agree the boost in jobs is positive for the city, but they hope people don't forget to support their local mom and pop shops.


An Amazon rep says she is unsure of the exact date the company is set to start, but job postings for Amazon are already online.

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