Many towns and cities in Iowa have a long history that they are proud of. Some of that history is great... some of it is sadly not. Thankfully today we will be looking at a town that can be proud of its story. Independence loves its history, and the local historical society is always ready to answer questions for curious visitors.

According to countless sources, there are some very large unexpected things under Independence Iowa's feet.

This isn't some big crazy secret that has been hidden from the public by any means. In fact Independence, Iowa even does tours of this old hidden area of the town. 


Unlike other towns in Iowa, Independence Iowa's newer main street was built right on top of the old one. According to their website, there is an old town right under their feet.

Independence has a beautiful main street with a fascinating history. Underneath the current storefronts is the previous main street, dating back to the 1840's-1860's, when the city's founding fathers decided to raise all the business building up because of frequent flooding downtown. What remains underneath can still be viewed during special underground tours.

Many in the town are proud of this underground town. Parts of the original town were once hidden since... well it was underground, but now many of the building owners have put in a vault to preserve the early Independence history.

It is so cool to know that Independence Iowa Has an old town built under it.

Only In your state went on to say,

In the late 19th century, much of the current main street was built on foundations of the existing buildings, and that 19th-century construction holds up - because much of it is still standing today.

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