To all the moms out there... Thank you. Those two words really don't feel like enough, but they are a good start. Thank you for all the love, support, and strength you gave not only to your children but to the family.

We all joke that mothers day is every day, but that is also true.

It's easy to buy a card, and write I love you, or Thank you, and buy you a gift, but sometimes it's hard to truly fathom all that you have done for us. Your work and love are not unnoticed, and while we may not always remember to say it or show it we are more grateful than you could ever know. On this mothers day, I wish I could say more than just Thank you, I wish I could scream from my state's highest point all the praise you deserve, but all I have is this radio station I work at and this article so here we go:

To My Mom

You're always there for me. At my highest highs and lowest lows you have given me a piece of yourself to help me grow into the man I am today. We've had our fights, we've had our laughs, but you will always be my mom, and I will also be so grateful. You've inspired my creativity, my love for animals, and so much more. To me, you'll always be enough, and you'll always be a hero. So again on this Mother's day, it may not sound like much, but there is so much more behind these two words,

Thank you.

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