If you've noticed the street lights in Davenport looking a bit blue lately, it's not your eyes.

Davenport Public Works, say it wasn’t done on purpose.They say a defect in the bulb is causing the purple or blue glow.

If you follow the thread on the Davenport Public Works page, some people think the blue/purple light is a good thing. One comment noted it seems like s mall way to honor 10-year-old Breasia Terrell who was killed last year.

Mindy Glaze Davenport should keep them up, in remembrance of 10 year old Davenport girl who was tragically killed last year, Breasia Terrell. There are two trees planted in memory of her, one in Lindsay Park (which is pictured here) and the other one is at Slattery Park


Davenport Public Works say you can report the lights when you see them to MidAmerican Energy and they'll replace the LED lights.

One commenter suggested the lights were rough on people with migraines. Others say why not leave the lights as they are, saying the blue glow is pretty and calming.

If you are concerned about the lights, public works staff are encouraging anyone who sees street lamps emitting blue or purple lighting to report them to MidAmerican Energy Company at https://www.midamericanenergy.com/streetlight-repair-form.

I say, it's a nice change of pace. We can all use a little more color in our lives, can't we?

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