Some Taylor Swift fans who went to the shows at Soldier Field in Chicago this past weekend are experiencing amnesia, and neurologists say there's an actual medical disorder to blame for the sudden memory loss.

Post-Concert Memory Loss

I'm willing to bet that most of us have gone to a concert before that we can't quite remember the next day. I'm also willing to bet that the usual culprit for that post-concert memory loss is alcohol, but what if I'm wrong?

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All weekend long I was living vicariously through the photos and videos so many of my friends on social media were posting from the Taylor Swift shows at Soldier Field in Chicago. I had no doubt that the shows would be AMAZING, but is it possible that the experience was SO amazing that your brain couldn't keep up?

Some Taylor Swift Fans Are Suffering from 'Post-Concert Amnesia'

Every city Taylor Swift's Eras Tour has visited has left a slew of amazed, emotional, and slightly-dazed fans in its wake. I've witnessed people crying happy tears and singing at the top of their lungs on social media, and I've also seen people complaining the next morning that they can't remember every single moment of the experience....what's up with that?


According to medical professionals, this sudden concert-related memory loss could be caused by a very real neurological condition called "post-concert amnesia".

Having amnesia is never usually a good thing, but in this case, it kinda is.

According to Psychology Today;

The main explanation for this amnesia assumes that concertgoers are too excited to remember and that their arousal is too high to take in the concert events.

Memory is diminished because the arousing event activates a complex of physiological responses necessary for responding effectively in a serious flight-or-fight situation.

Basically, it's a extreme sensory overload where you're so excited and living in the moment that you overwhelm your brain and it's too tired to actually commit those experiences to memory. Pretty wild, right?

How to Avoid Experincing Post-Concert Amnesia

Taylor Swift's Eras Tour may be taking all the flack for these current post-concert amnesia problems, but it's not really her fault. This specific type of amnesia could be caused by any situation that puts our emotions on high alert. So, is there anyway to avoid it? Kinda.

An associate professor in the Department of Psychology at the State University of New York name Ewan McNay recently offered this advice;

People could try to jump up and down and scream a little less, to control the excitement.

Good luck doing that.

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