Unseasonably warm temps followed by severe winds and scattered tornados across Iowa make you feel like you've been on a weather rollercoaster. If that isn't enough weirdness you might notice the smell of smoke now too.

As you do your normal routine of driving to work, holiday shopping, and collecting your mail, you might notice an odd smell. I saw a few posts in my Facebook feed about Quad Citians smelling smoke after the strong winds and storms that blew through our area last night. There haven't been any major fires reported here, it's actually from storms that happened earlier in the week. 

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If you've been smelling smoke, you're not alone. Storms that came through the midwest on Wednesday actually brought strong smells along with it according to the Des Moines Register. 

The same storm we saw go through Iowa, was the same storm system that went through Kansas. A large fire broke out in Kansas and the smoke and debris made it's way through the Midwest, according to the National Weather Service Des Moines. Keep your eye on changing weather patterns by following the National Weather Service of the Quad Cites.  

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