The best kinds of announcements are food announcements, right? Think about it; how excited do you get when you get an email at work saying there's free food in the kitchen? For me, it's the same when it comes to Facebook posts.

So for me, seeing this Facebook post was especially exciting:

Of course, anything involving pizza gets my attention, but this seems unique! I've heard of pizza puffs, with fillings on the inside, but never of puff pizzas.

Then there's the fried chicken dinner. It looks like Baked Beer and Bread Co. knows full well that with fried chicken, it's all about the fixin's. If the picture is to be believed, this chicken dinner will have mac and cheese, as well as cornbread. I think "so clucking good" might be an apt hashtag.

Now that you're sufficiently hungry, you can go get some lunch! Or dinner, depending on when you're reading this. The new items officially joined the menu on Tuesday.

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