I have been fortunate enough to travel, and live in a handful of cities around North America. Every place I've traveled, I've been surprised to find how little the locals knew about, or appreciated the attractions and amenities in their own cities and towns.

I have friends in Anaheim, California who live mere blocks from Disneyland, who visit the theme park once every few years. Madness.

That being said, many locals in cities around the world have taken me off the beaten track to show me some of their favorite out-of-the-way restaurants, food trucks, pubs and cultural gems where I've had the best food and the best times.

This coming weekend is Be A Tourist Weekend - a unique event taking place designed for locals to discover (or re-discover) the attractions and amenities that make the Quad Cities so great.

It's a great way to escape the doldrums of January, help you better appreciate your hometown, and prepare you to be a great host to out-of-town visitors.

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