I love buying local artisan wares. and now everyone can find this QC artist's creations at Bed, Bath, & Beyond.  Five products crafted at the local Wild Cherry Spoon Co. will soon be available on Bed Bath & Beyond's website, bedbathandbeyond.com, including its original signature chef spoon.

Tim McGuire has been making spoons and other housewares since 2014, according to the Rock Island company's website, wildcherryspoonco.com. He uses local, “urban lumber” from “trees that have fallen in storms or would have had to come down anyway,” according to the site, according to a QC Times article.

“Each piece is hand-chiseled … and finished with organic olive oil and beeswax.”

In addition to the signature chef spoon, Bed Bath & Beyond has picked up Wild Cherry's spatulas, modern cheese boards, baking spatulas, and muddlers for making cocktails. Take a look at all the beautiful things for sale on both the artist's website and BB & B. I think I need the sushi and variety spoon set.

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