Back-to-school time is officially upon us! And that means some traffic changes. Maybe you have to adjust your morning route to drop the kids off on the way to work, or pick them up after. It definitely means you need to watch your speed.

To make sure that happens, the Bettendorf Police are adding more speed zones signs around schools. According to WQAD, it'll specifically be 16 new signs per school. These new speed limits will officially go into effect on Friday, August 23rd.

Why so many signs? Well, firstly, some of the old signs were displaying incorrect information. They would lead people to believe they were speeding, when that was not the case.

Secondly, these signs are extra fancy. If they register a high number of speeding cars, police will be alerted, and will be able to determine if and where extra presence is needed.

They really don't want to start having to write a ton of tickets to people. So just slow down, and be safe!

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