Congratulations. We just lived through a record breaking snow storm in the Quad Cities! According to the National Weather Service the storm dumped 13.3 inches of snow on the Quad Cities. The most snowfall in a one day period for the month of November.

The previous record stood for 43 years. On November 26, 1975 the Quad Cities endured a snowstorm that dumped 8.4 inches of snow throughout the region. Our snow yesterday eclipsed that record by five inches.

In addition Sunday's storm helped the region set the record for most snow in the Quad Cities for the month of November. We've received 18.4 inches of snow this November, almost three inches more snow than when the old record was set in 1974. I know, this isn't as impressive a record as the other one.

Frankly, for a weather setting November we can't complain that much. November's been cold, but any snow until yesterday was more or less a nuisance that didn't stick around very long. This stuff, well it looks like I'm going to be wearing the duck boots when I take the dog out for the foreseeable future.

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