Everyone has their favorite watering hole. A place where, as the theme song to 'Cheers' said, where they feel like 'everybody knows your name.' For many in the creative community, that place is Blue Cat Brew Pub in Rock Island.

I was fortunate enough to be embraced by the theatrical community soon after arriving in the Quad Cities almost 20 years ago. Our go-to spot after rehearsals or performances was Blue Cat Brew Pub. It was always a laidback atmosphere where we would have a beverage, some noms and good conversation about our latest triumphs or guffaws.

One of the big contributors to the environment at Blue cat was 'Dr.' Bob. He always made sure we had a fresh beverage and were taken care of.

So, it is with heavy hearts that we discovered on Friday that Blue Cat Brew Pub, the second oldest brew pub in Illinois, has been sold to new owners who will renovate the place into something new and different this autumn.

I'll miss the staff, and can only hope that the new owners keep the spirit of the place, and that as welcoming takes its place.

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