The meme started to take off Wednesday afternoon. Yesterday I thought I'd post a version of it on the KIIK 104.9 Facebook page:

I then looked up what song was #1 on my 14th birthday and I couldn't be more disappointed. The #1 song on February 11,1986, according to Billboard is "That's What Friends are For" by Dionne and Friends. I like the sentiment of the song, but life defining? Ewww. I didn't like it very much when I was 14 and you still won't find it in my music collection today. The #2 song song that week, "Burning Heart" by Survivor, that could be a life defining record. So could the #4 record "When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going" by Billy Ocean.

Scrolling through our Facebook post I decided to see who hit the song lottery when they were 14 and who, like me, was born under a bad song.

Dawn rocked it with this selection.

Nick did well too. I wanna go to a party Nick is throwing!

I really dig this #1, because it's one of my favorite tunes!

Then there's those of us, that perhaps were born under a bad song:

Of course it's all in the eye of the beholder. While I'm not a big fan of my song, Leslie, thinks it's ok:

Mostly though seeing what the #1 song on your 14th birthday is fun. For me it brought back some fun memories. You can see what song was #1 according to Billboard here. Feel free to share your 14th birthday #1 in our Facebook post above.

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