Actors are showing their support of an eight year old Australian boy who has been bullied for his name. His name is Corona De Vires. Local Australian news reported about it, and many people came to his support, but one actor took it a step further.

Corona had written a letter to Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks asking how they were doing during their quarantine, and making sure that they were okay. He then went on to express how upset he was. He said he felt angry sad and confused about why he was being bullied for his name. This really got to Mr. Hanks.

Now they are Pen Pals. Tom wrote him back and said that they could be friends now. It's safe to assume that they will continue to write to each other. Hopefully this can help raise the spirits of Corona during this time of confusion.

Tom even went on to say "You have a friend in me" quoting his iconic movie, which Corona is a fan of. It's always great to see these great small gestures.

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