Have a barn? Love Busch Beer?

That's the sum of it.  If you answer yes to both of those questions you could be in the running for an interesting little prize here in rural America.

Instead of billboards, we want to pay folks to advertise on their barns, sheds or other freestanding structure. Tell us below about your barn or other freestanding structure & you could get a $5,000 sponsorship and new paint job for your farm. #ForTheFarmers

If not Busch beer...what?  You're just going to let a perfectly good barn just sit there and be red?  It could be generating income for you.  And not in a "shelter for the sheep" kind of way.  It could actually bring in a healthy chuck of cash for some possible repairs that are needed on the farm.

What would you do with the $5,000?  Buy more Busch Light probably.  But you'd have plenty left over to get a nice bar in your machine shed.  I'll bet you could turn that barn/billboard into a pretty cool speakeasy.  Get $500 worth of Busch Light then get a fridge and build a bar with lights and a pool table and you'd have an awesome little man cave.

Even if you still use that barn.  I'd say "especially" if you still use the barn.  Imagine chilling with a cold one while your cows, horses or chickens are along side of you.

Something only people with barns painted with Busch Light would understand.

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