Ok, so it might not be "New" but it could be "new to you".  If you haven't been there for a while, you will be surprised at the additions to this 1955 campground in Mt. Carroll.

In fact, "Timber Lake Resort was established in 1955 and was rebuilt in 2003 with "all new facilities and a renewed spirit of hospitality."

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We went on a trip to Timber Lake this past week and had a blast!  We're fairly new to camping but what we've found is that getting away, even if just for the weekend, recharges the soul.

Camping, in particular, is a great way to keep everyone off their devices and come back to real life.

Living for the Weekend

We've also found that, while the weeks are great at Timber Lake, the weekends are even better!

Friday, before we did a rousing game of Bingo, the owner, Ron kicked off the night with what could only be described as a "roast" of one of his long-time campers/friends.  I don't remember the retired cop's name, but I'll always remember his face as Ron went blow by blow with the delivery of a seasoned comedian.

He's really in his element on that stage and the crowd of long-timers eat it up.

Live Music

After that, a great band from Clinton, Ia, Down 24 played.  These guys just get better and better. It was a real treat seeing them again!

Saturday, they had a bags tournament for the kids, bloody mary's & mimosas at the Margarita Bar, and the Pool Party!

The Pool Party had reached "legendary" status for me.  This was my first one and it didn't disappoint.  They start with a kids dance-off, the money dive, and the legendary whirlpool!  Some more bingo, some specialty cocktails, and more live music.

Nick Lynch, from American Idol, played a great set of country music with a really talented band.

We can't wait to get back there next year!  Ron and the staff are top-notch and have put together a beautiful place for people to disconnect with life and reconnect with friends & family.

Highly recommended.

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Timber Lake Resort was established in 1955 in historic Mount Carroll, IL.

It was rebuilt in 2003 with all new facilities and a renewed spirit of hospitality.


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