There are many urban legends about getting pulled over. One big myth is that red cars always get pulled over the most. Does the color or model of the car matter so much that it can actually make it so one car gets pulled over more than all the others?

Today we are looking at the most pulled-over cars in Iowa. These statistics don't fully confirm a car color bias, but they do give us a look into the rumors.

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How They Got These Numbers

We looked at these sites for our numbers.

Edmunds surveyed three police departments and two traffic agencies, and they reported five ways to get pulled over easily:

-Distracted driving/using a cell phone behind the wheel
-Hazardous driving, such as running stop signs, illegal U-turns and failure to yield
-Equipment violations, such as tinted windows, expired tags and loud exhaust
-Tailgating and improper lane changes

Most Pulled Over Cars

Dealer New Cars Stock

The most pulled-over car isn't actually red. We have the top 4 colors of cars for you that are the most likely to be pulled over.

4. Silver Cars

3. Gray Cars

2. Red Cars

Not A lot of cars left... this is the car color most pulled over.

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1. White Cars

That's right, white cars are the most likely to be pulled over!

Hon fai Ng

It looks like the color of the car doesn't play that big a role. White cars get more tickets because there are more of them on the road!

According to Kelley Blue Book, white cars are the most popular color for just about every type of car.

It really is just a numbers game rather than sports car colors. It is important to remember that your risk of being pulled over is far more dependent on your driving behavior than the make and model of your car.

Stay safe out there!

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