If you're math challenged like me, you might need a reminder of what Pi is.

Piday.org says Pi (Greek letter “π”)"is the symbol used in mathematics to represent a constant — the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter — which is approximately 3.14159.

Pi Day is an annual opportunity for math enthusiasts to recite the infinite digits of Pi, talk to their friends about math, and to eat pie. Ok, see the latter part there is what interests me more.

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I can celebrate 'pie' all day long. I'm pretty much an expert. Custard, fruit, pizza, meat pies....I love them all. Probably the thing I enjoy most is crust.

I used to hate crusts on everything when I was a kid. Cut off those bread crusts, leave the pizza crust in the box, and the fruit pies? I'd dig the custard or fruit out of a pie and leave the sad remains behind.

I can't remember exactly when all of that changed, but now I know all about the crusts. I didn't even learn it from the Great British Baking Show. I got all my crust knowledge from my grandmothers who were wonderful bakers and cooks. Now I really appreciate all those flaky layers of pastry. Cold butter, utensils are key, but I've drifted. Back to pie.

Where do you get the best pie in the Quad Cities?

If we're talking dessert pies, I think some of the best pies come from our own farmers market. Homemade pies are the best; especially if it's made by a farmer. I may be generalizing here, but farmers usually use lard in their pie crusts and even though it sounds gross, those are the pies with the most tender flavorful crusts. It's still a treat to get French Silk Pie from Village Inn too.

French Silk Pie/Village Inn
French Silk Pie/Village Inn

Best pizza pie in the Quad Cities? I have to go with Harris and Lo Piez. Again, it's something about the crust that I love so much.

I also hate to admit this, but when I can't find a pot pie on a local restaurant menu, I go for those frozen Marie Callander's turkey or chicken pot pies. They've figured out how you can microwave a pie and not have it turn out as hard as an old boot.

Whatever kind of pie (Pi) you celebrate, enjoy your Pi Day, March 14, 2021. 3.14

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