Who doesn't love a great urban legend? Wisconsin has plenty of fun legends and stories that both haunt and capture the imagination of the state. We are looking at 5 legends that are popular in their area.

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Wisconsin Urban Legends

While Wisconsin has countless legends, let's take a look at 5 awesome urban legends.

  • Abominable Snowman

A weird one to start with... I know. Reports say that the first viral story was when two boys and their mother saw and heard this creature in 1998. This story is more of a "Cryptid" that first took off in 1968.

Wisconsin home actually started being seriously talked about in the town of Fremont on October 19, 1968.

Bigfoot Outdoors
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  • Siren Bridge

This one has a lot of support by the locals. With reports giving this usual story,

A long time ago, a family was driving over the Siren Bridge when the car went through the guardrails somehow and into the water below, resulting in everyone in the car drowning. But many motorists who have driven through the area report hearing a child's voice over the radio: "Mommy, help me, I can't get out." It is unknown where the voice originates from, but it does scare the daylights out of passers-by.

  • Rhinelander Hodag

This one is actually based in American folklore. It was seen as a fearsome critter resembling a large bull-horned carnivore with a row of thick curved spines down its back.

The hodag was said to be born from the ashes of cremated oxen, as the incarnation of the accumulation of abuse the animals had suffered at the hands of their masters.

The ties to Wisconsin are that a man caught one of these creatures in the 1890s, and more of them roam in Rhinelander.

  • Boy Scout Lane

This story was based in the 1950s and 1960s. It is a graphic one with a rumored boy scout troop being murdered.

One version of the story has the troop leader killing all of the children. In the other account, one of the boys drops a lantern, causing a forest fire that kills all of them. People who have visited the area report feeling being watched, seeing a light, hearing twigs breaking underfoot, or seeing childlike handprints on vehicles.

  • Antigo Alien Encounter

Who doesn't love a good story about aliens? Many stories in Wisconsin have ties with aliens, but this one is really fun. Reports say this one had people talking with aliens. Yep, they speak English...

 In 1974, there were numerous supposed sightings of UFOs in Antigo. It's still not totally clear what happened, but one woman apparently interacted with an alien. Mrs. H, who owned a bar and restaurant, was shocked when a funny-looking little man walked into the joint and started talking in very quick English about Medford and the whole world lighting up and left in a flash.

unidentified flying object - UFO flies over the forest - concept 3D illustration

If you love these five iconic legends you can learn more about them and others here.

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