Being a college kid is tough.  You're fumbling your way into adulthood with new responsibilities, new bills, and a brand new life.  Maybe you're juggling a job while trying to earn good grades at the same time.

So, you end up being super stressed out. You've been trying to figure out time management to no avail.  Your sleep habits are lacking, at best.  You're eating like garbage because you have no time or money to make or buy anything that resembles a nutritious meal. The only thing you're hydrating with is coffee from the cafeteria or a Monster that got left in your dorm accidentally.

Good news!

You'll be able to blow off some steam in The District and get a free ride back to the dorms!  That's right, Metrolink QC is offering a free limited time only ride from Augustana to Downtown Rock Island and back again.  That's right, FREE!

Release some of that stress by hanging with your friends in The District!

According to a recent Facebook post:

Hey Augie students: The #MetroQC Late Night 53 route is BACK for a limited time on April 30, May 7 and 14! It will run from Augustana College - Illinois to Downtown Rock Island starting at 10:25 p.m. with a bus every 20 minutes and will end with a final pick up from the district at 2 a.m. You can pick up the 53 at 35th St. & 7th Ave., 30th St. & 14th Ave., or 30th St. & 11th Ave.
Augie students – just show your student ID and ride for free!

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