If you thought the completion of the I-74 River Bridge would put an end to road closures, think again.
Starting in the evening tonight,  Wednesday, December 22, there will be temporary lane closures on I-74, between Middle Rd in Bettendorf and River Dr in Moline, from approximately 7 PM to 6 AM. Contractors will be striping the roadway. I hope they have lights since it gets dark at 4 PM these days.

Striping the roadway is an important part of the bridge project. I think we can stand to be a little inconvenienced by that. In the meantime, have you seen the bridge lit up for the holidays? It glows in red and green, but for now, it's just the Iowa-bound aesthetic lighting that is now on and fully operational. 

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Rebecca Darland Pierson
Rebecca Darland Pierson

Some members of the I-74 Bridge construction crews continue to show their holiday spirit. They've hung huge pumpkins near the site in the fall and now the workboats are all decked out for the winter holidays. Take a look. 

Keep an eye on bridge traffic with our link to the Quad City traffic cams.

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