Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke, who is an inmate at the Rock Island County Jail while awaiting sentencing for the murder of Laquan McDonald, has been receiving gifts from people all over the world. This according to a report in the Chicago Sun Times.

A family source told the newspaper that “It’s unbelievable how many people have sent him books — strangers — and people paying into some sort of a prison plan where Jason is being fed hot meals." The family source also characterized it as a deluge.

Van Dyke is at the Rock Island County Jail in solitary confinement while awaiting his sentencing. He's apparently missing a dog he rescued eight years ago while on patrol eight years ago and reading "Marley and Me" to pass the time. He also watched some of a Bears game too.

If you're worried Van Dyke is living the high life while incarcerated, think again. Even with access to some of the creature comforts afforded inmates, prison, especially solitary isn't a good time for anyone. I've had the opportunity to tour a couple of corrections facilities ... and yeah, they're not any place I'd want to spend any time. Hot meal or not.

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