For months, my boss has been telling me that someday engineers (and the B100 guy apparently) will come into my studio and start destroying it. Well, today was that day. Talk about a rough morning. On the bright side, the future looks great for the studio AND they won't be hurting our wall of names.

But for now, it's sad to see the old board go.


Why Is This Happening?

Obviously, there are a few reasons that the studio is getting redone, we need a new window that doesn't have "ESPN" stuck to it. Also, this is to help my neighbors down the hall, the infamous two dorks. That's right the legendary 97X needs to use my studio as theirs gets redone.

That's actually a really good thing since that means our engineers will be putting the best equipment in my studio for the guys to use... SO when they go back to their newly renovated 97X studio my US104.9 studio will have the 2nd best equipment in the building and 2nd best overall in the Quad Cities (at least that's what I'm going to tell everyone.)


So Where Do I Go?

So now for the time being I get to be roomies with the guy all the way at the end of the hall in the IRock studio since B100 has their morning show and 97X is using my studio all that was left was the IRock station, so join me on my greatest adventure ever as I face my greatest challenge... Hard Rock.

While it's fun to say corporate destroyed my studio, all jokes aside the whole building is excited for all the stations in Townsquare Media's future, and get ready for the 2nd coolest (and number 1 for the new country) studio in the QC next month US1049 nation!

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