If you live in the Midwest you know that Iowa is considered one of the safest states in America coming in at number 13 for safest in the states as a whole. Still, every state has its dangers. And while this spot is called one of the most dangerous we must also remember that all areas also have their better side.

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A viral Youtuber known as Nick Johnson visits areas all over America that are considered the best of the best, or the worst of the worst. Late last year he visited what he called the worst city in Iowa.

Thankfully the video isn't just a hit piece on the city. He does cover some highlights of it as well.

His Report On The Most Dangerous City In Iowa

The video claims that Fort Dodge Iowa is one of the most dangerous in Iowa, and is the least safe at night according to those in the area.

Again, Iowa as a whole is a pretty safe state, so the most dangerous city here is nothing compared to others. Yet Fort Dodge Iowa is said to be the least safe in Iowa. The video went on to say,

A third of all residents have left the region since 1960. Yes, one out of three. It all got jumpstarted in the early 80s when large companies like Hormel and Iowa Beef closed shop here in Fort Dodge. Technology changed and there was no need for food production here anymore.

Fort Dodge has a population of nearly 24,000 people but it had 827 incidents of property crime in 2020. It ranks highest in the state for murder. You can learn more here.

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